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The Queen’s Rami Chuene Misses Gun Shots In Real Life


Former The Queen, Muvhango, and Isono actress; Rami Chuene who’s been tweeting cryptic tweets of her return to The Queen was almost shot today in Main Reef Road in Johannesburg.

She tweeted: “Yho! Main Reef rd is extreme sport. Driving next to these guys, jikijiki guns out cops all over them, they’re being arrested. The rest of us? We carry on driving, not trying to catch strays, also traffic light turned green. So…”

Her fans were obviously relieved she wasn’t harmed but many were shocked that she almost sounded as terrified as anybody considering the dangerous and high volatile roles she usually takes.

On both The Queen and Muvhango Chuene handled guns like lollipops, hence fans expected her to not be terrified of guns and expect gunshots in Johannesburg.

Fans were also amused by her tweet and are anxiously still waiting for her to confirm her return to The Queen even though she’s moved on to BET’s; Isono where she plays the role of Jamima. She was killed by Dollar’s wife; Nomzamo on The Queen after supporting the Ferguson’s rival; Vatiswa Ndara.

A lot of Joburger’s, however, were not surprised about her tweet about Main Reef road as it’s known to be one of the most dangerous roads in South Africa, along with Johannesburg CBD.

Rami tweeted another cryptic tweet last week when she teased: “There’s this thing I want to share with you tonight. I know you heard about it but I’m here to confirm it, with evidence nogal. I’ll tell you at exactly 9pm. No one in the South of Africa knows but me. Call it an EXCLUSIVE if you may. Tonight at 9pm right here, akere? No lies, struu!”

Chuene had her fans eating at the palm of her hands because she knew that The Queen plays at 9 pm and her follow-up tweet was actually about Viola Davis movie and not her return to The Queen.

– IHarare

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