Veteran Actor Peter Mashigo Injured In Car Crash

Veteran actor Peter Mashigo has reportedly sustained injuries after being involved in a car crash that almost took his life over the last weekend. This according to Sunday World who reported that the actor’s car crashed with another after he lost control of his vehicle.

The Queen actor has allegedly been involved in a car accident whilst he was on his way to Benoni from Pretoria. He was travelling with a group of friends to attend another friends party, when he lost control of his vehicle and crashed head-on with another. Out of the three other passengers, he was apparently the only one who got seriously injured and was rushed to Sunshine private hospital.

“A car that was overtaking lost control and bumped into his car head on,” reported the paper.

He was in a critical but stable condition and he missed a week’s worth of shooting at The Queen, who he plays Jackal Mkhondo.

Sunday World then reported that The Queen producers are faced with a huge dilemma because of his absence. Two sources claim that the producers will give him a break so he can heal. But another claims they will incorporate his real life situation into the story and use his injuries to his advantage. This will allegedly be done to “avoid further delays with production.”

His return to The Queen was not welcomed with both arms as he was fired from one of The Fergusons’ productions The Throne. He was accused of assaulting a woman and he was caught on tape which went viral.

That was his second incident, as he had physically abused another woman before.

Mashigo this year had a short stint on Gomora at the time of the video he was on The Throne which is a Ferguson Film production.

Former The Queen actress, Rami Chuene without naming the actor took to Twitter to add her opinion on the actor being rehired by the production.

“Man (actor) beats up woman, video goes viral. Production fires man cos they are against GBV (read cornered). Jikijiki same production casts/rewards same man on another show of theirs, with a bigger role,” tweeted Rami.

Speaking to Sowetan Live Mashigo’s agent Brian Mauku said, “There are people using his name to settle old scores and possibly get him fired. Yes, he made mistakes in the past, but he has been rehabilitated for the future.”

– ZAlebs

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