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2021 has taken so many important people it’s sad

Rest in Peace Uncle Shona Ferguson and Everyone 2021 took from us Dove of peace. In my village there’s a funeral approximately every fortnight since the year started

Not uncle shona Ferguson 2021 is just taking away our loved ones was hoping it fake news condolences to the Ferguson family we are mourning with you

Life is too short and 2mrw is not guaranteed Broken heart. If you have that siblings you haven’t talked in a while, pick a phone now. If you’re one of those who left home because you were on bad terms with your parents, and you’re waiting 4 few years to pass to talk 2 them, now it’s a right time.

This shows once again that we should be grateful for the gift of life & make every moment count. With his passing, I am going to live my life & make every moment count because I don’t know when my time will come. O am going to break the she’ll and be me.

This makes no sense at all, how a young man, health conscious, healthy looking, the next thing they say he has “checked out.” It makes no sense whatsoever.

The good die young.

My condolences to the Fergusons.