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Sithelo Shozi Mistakenly Posts Her Waxed Nude Punani?

Sithelo Shozi might not be an actor, musician or reality star. But the socialite and part-time influencer has become a household name. Initially, it was due to her polarising relationship with reality star, millionaire trust fund baby Andile Mpisane as the two have two children between them before their breakup.

But it is arguably their breakup and subsequent fallouts that made Sithelo a household name. First, it was the surprise boomerang wedding that Andile and now Tamia Mpisane, formerly Louw, had just days after it was speculated that the couple had broken up.

While attempting to process all of these occurrences, a twar and social media back-and-forth between Sithelo and the entire Mpisane clan unravelled on the timeline. Whether it was Sithelo versus Sbahle, or Sithelo versus matriarch Shauwn Mkhize. Sithelo seemed to garner more and more attention following her breakup with Mpisane.

Just as her star power was on the upward trajectory, it took all but one image to see Sithelo become Miss Shozi.

Sithelo “Miss Shozi” is a Hollywood wax girl!

All seemed to have started on Friday, 25 November 2022, when looking at the activity and when Sithelo is believed to have deactivated her Twitter account. For those that follow and are notified whenever Shozi posts. It seems they got front row seats to all the tea in real time.


This is as it seems that Sithelo took to her timeline and mistakenly shared an image which showcased not her new and lauded body after going under the knife in Turkey for the now popular BBL procedure. But instead, her followers got to know just exactly what kind of wax does Miss Shozi likes to receive.

However, due to how quickly Sithelo aka Miss Shozi due to the POPIA and the restrictions the act has had on social media and the distribution of explicit content, had deleted the image and deactivated her account. The matter was bubbling under. This was until some anonymous and burner Twitter accounts cropped up and began to share Miss Shozi’s debut image on the timeline again.

While the timeline might be busy attempting to discern who is Miss Shozi, whether or not it is who we think it is and how she made the mistake of sharing her preferred wax style on the blue app. It seems that Sithelo could not be bothered as she has transferred her energy to curating her Instagram stories. – ZAlebs


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