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Lady Zamar Breathing Through The Wound

Singer Lady Zamar may have disabled her comments on social media but she hasn’t heard the last from Sjava’s fans. Following Sjava’s trending for couple of days after the release of his latest album, Sjave’s fans have been breathing fire down Lady Zamar’s neck.

Lady Zamar has been called by all the names in the book but her disabling comments on Twitter may have given her some sort of piece of mind. But it appears even disabling comments, Lady Zamar can not seem to dodge the bullets from her ex-boyfriends fans, Sjava.

“Lady Zamar you thought you could destroy sjava’s career but God showed you his ancestors are very powerful you taught us a lesson as men and we shall learn thank you” wrote Lebello Prince

Other tweeps has even called for Podcast and Chill with MacG to invite both singers to put the matter to bed for once and for all. Evidently, Sjava’s fans still remains to their truth and their allegiance towards him, despite what has transpired in the past.

Lady Zamar is still being labeled a pathological liar who allegedly lied about rape, after she allegedly could not get Sjava to dump his wife for her.



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