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PICS: Tebogo Thobejane Jets Off For A Holiday

After much drama in 2022, businesswoman Tebogo Thobejane jetted off to Nambia in January this year to blow off some steam.

Like the CENT twins who were also in Namibia, Thobejane has been exploring the country’s beautiful terrain.



A few months back there were reports that Thobejane was meddling in her marriage went viral.

“She is a very vile human being and she knows exactly what she did in my marriage.” Sis further claimed that she had recordings of Thobejane and warned her to stop pressing her buttons.

The Metro FM DJ made it clear that she was not scared of Thobejane and said she is a vile human being. “Ake motshabe (I am not scared of) Tebogo because I am not her friend. She knows exactly what she did. I find it weird when people talk about you like they know you.

“Very nasty, she must not think of coming for me because I have recordings of her. She’s nasty, she’s a vile human being. She knows exactly what she did in my marriage,” she said.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Lerato finally addressed the clip where she is heard speaking and everyone assumed it was about Tebogo.

She said Thobejane has never had an affair with her husband. She said she does not know the origin of these allegations. “The thing about an affair, I don’t know where it’s coming from. It’s not from me. I think it’s just people making things up about whatever, but I definitely know that my husband did not have an affair with Tebog.”

In an interview with the publication TshisaLive, Tebogo denied claims that she meddled in Lerato’s marriage

“I had a conversation with a friend, or someone I thought was a friend. I have never been with Thami sexually. I am in fear for my life. Anything could happen to me. I am getting bullied again. It doesn’t matter what I did. She’s got brands behind her but was willing to sacrifice all of that to take me down. That conversation was between me and Thami. Nobody would have known about it if nobody went on social media, but now it’s a big drama,” she said.



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