SCANDAL: Dintle Finds She’s Been Sleeping With Her Dad

Imagine falling head over heels in love with someone, sharing a bed with them and then finding out they are your parent?

This is the situation Dintle on Scandal! will find herself in once someone drops the bombshell that Reggie is actually her dad.

When her deadbeat mum, Salamina, told him, the poor man looked like he had just been run over by a train.

He was still on cloud nine after their lavish wedding, and planning to jet off to Mauritius for their honeymoon. They now need to plan their divorce. And all this could have been avoided had Salamina been involved in raising Dintle.

This should be a lesson to other parents to stop keeping secrets.

On The River, Mabutho nearly killed his father-in-law, Zweli Dikana, on his wedding day.

This after Zweli, a police commissioner, found out he was involved in a deadly cash-in-transit heist.

When Zweli tried to arrest him, Mabutho accidentally pushed him against the basin, injuring his head.

Nomonde is praying that her dad survives and is in denial that her prince charming is the culprit.

Meanwhile, Paulina has kidnapped her baby, Thato, who was swapped at birth by her husband’s first wife, Angelina.

She has been losing her mind trying to prove that the baby is hers.

No one should blame her for taking this drastic step because none of them believed her.

Ziyakhala as she and Mabutho are now fugitives who are wanted for kidnapping and attempted murder.


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