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Dineo Ranaka’s party ship ends in regret

Dineo Ranaka’s party ship turned into a nightmare for people who paid handsomely to be a partaken of the cruise.

The radio personality hosted a ship cruise from Durban to the Portuguese Island, but many were left disappointed as the ship didn’t get to the island.

The “Cruise With Dineo & Friends”, which started at the MSC New Durban Harbour on 27 January was scheduled to return on 30 January.

The DJ expressed excitement and gratitude on her social media platforms but it was a different experience for some people.

DBN Gogo who was among the musicians who performed lamented on her Twitter account.

“Yal really thought I was whyling for free the whole weekend. I’m telling you we were enslaved on a ship!”

Lehleeza also wrote: “uDriver wasiRoundisa iDbn yonke ke. Nix iPortuguese Island. I’m telling you big scam.”

A source wrote, “it felt like I was in 12 years of slavery. I have never seen so much chaos on a cruise ship.”

Another source revealed to ZiMoja that Dineo tried her best and maintained professionalism throughout the chaos.

“I am definitely sure that she has learnt so much from this experience and the next one will be a success. I am not making excuses for her but for her first time she tried , despite the few hiccups.”



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