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Makhadzi and Babes Wodumo end their beef

In the world of music, conflicts and misunderstandings are quite common, and it’s always good news to hear when two artists who were once at loggerheads put their differences aside. This is precisely what has happened between two of South Africa’s most popular female artists, Makhadzi and Babes Wodumo.

In 2022, Babes Wodumo, who is popularly known as the Gqom Queen, accused Makhadzi of flirting with her late husband, Mampintsha. This caused a rift between the two artists, and their fans wondered if they would ever reconcile.

Fast forward to 2023, and it appears that the two artists have buried the hatchet. Babes Wodumo recently took to Facebook to share a heartfelt message about her first Valentine’s Day without Mampintsha. In the post, she talked about how difficult the day was for her, and how much she missed her late husband. However, towards the end of the message, she extended an olive branch to Makhadzi.

“Today, women out there are celebrating with their loved ones, but for me, it’s different. However, I forever cherish the days we shared together. I am happy to see you doing well, Makhadzi,” Babes wrote.

Makhadzi, who had been tagged in the post, responded with a message of her own. “Thank you, Babes. You will always be my sister, and I am glad we have put our differences aside. Love you always.”

This exchange of words between the two artists delighted their fans, who had been hoping for a reconciliation. Many took to social media to express their joy and congratulate the two singers for making peace.

The music industry is a highly competitive space, and it’s refreshing to see artists putting their egos aside and prioritizing their relationships. It takes a lot of courage to apologize and forgive, and Makhadzi and Babes have shown that they are capable of both. We hope to see more collaborations and friendly interactions between the two artists in the future.



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