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AKA Explains Why He Never Flashed Money

The South African music industry was never the same after the epic beef between AKA and Cassper Nyovest. Fans were constantly divided on who made the best music, but most agreed that AKA was the superior musician. However, it was Cassper’s business savvy that earned him great respect in the industry.

In a revealing interview on The Episode, Cassper shared his thoughts on the perception of his business acumen. He claimed that it’s all about how the public views things, and that there should be no debate about how much money they had made.

However, AKA begged to differ. He revealed that he had made millions through his partnership with Cruz Vodka, but chose not to speak publicly about it. To AKA, the right thing to do in business is to keep your moves and numbers private.

AKA’s relationship with money can be attributed to his upbringing, which he openly shared during his interview. He believed that it’s not up to him to dictate how someone else runs their business, but he would never publicly discuss financial matters.

The untimely passing of AKA was a blow to the South African music industry and left fans mourning the loss of a legend. From “Fela In Versace” to “Congratulate,” his music will continue to live on and inspire generations to come.



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