Man who killed the wife of former president De Klerk seeks parole

Luyanda Mboniswa has been in prison for 20 years for the murder of Marike De Klerk, the wife of former South African president FW De Klerk. Mboniswa, who was also sentenced to life imprisonment for robbery with aggravating circumstances, is now seeking parole.

Marike De Klerk’s murder caused controversy in South Africa as rumors about the motive spread like wildfire. Mboniswa was a security guard at the time and had been stationed to watch over Marike. He was subsequently arrested due to overwhelming evidence.

Mboniswa has already been denied parole twice, but he is hoping for release this year. Earlier this week, he once again appeared before the Western Cape High Court for parole. However, the De Klerk Foundation has chosen to remain quiet about Mboniswa’s bid for parole, as it is a touchy issue for them.

In May 2003, Mboniswa was sentenced to life imprisonment for Marike’s murder and another life term for robbery with aggravating circumstances. Despite his sentence, Mboniswa has maintained his innocence, but he has been unable to convince the authorities so far.

Earlier this year, Mboniswa’s parole bid was rejected by Justice Minister Ronald Lamola. However, Mboniswa has approached the court to review the rejection, and more details are set to emerge next week.

Marike’s murder was a tragic event that shook South Africa, and Mboniswa’s case has been closely watched by the public. While some believe that he should be given another chance, others argue that he should remain in prison for the rest of his life.

Whatever the outcome, Mboniswa’s case highlights the importance of justice and the need for fair and transparent legal processes. While it is important to hold people accountable for their actions, it is also important to ensure that justice is served fairly and without bias.

As the case continues to unfold, the South African public will be watching closely to see what the future holds for Luyanda Mboniswa



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