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The Real Reason Behind Unathi Nkayi and Somizi Mhlongo’s Friendship Breakup

Unathi Nkayi, a media personality, recently revealed that her friendship with Somizi Mhlongo ended due to his unsupportive behavior during her divorce from Thomas Msengana. Nkayi opened up about the situation during an interview with former Idols SA judge and friend Gareth Cliff on Uncancelled.

Nkayi explained that Mhlongo took sides during her divorce, which caused her to feel blindsided and hurt. She also noted that Mhlongo made unsavory comments about her divorce and even used it as a storyline on Idols SA. Nkayi expressed gratitude for her father’s guidance during the drama and revealed that she did not attend Mhlongo’s wedding to Mohale Motaung because their friendship was already on the rocks.

“I think the third thing that people want me to clarify, is the Kaya, Idols and Somizi. All four of us were thick as thieves and Thomas and I got divorced, you and Randall didn’t choose sides, never choose sides but he did. He come back and then speak smack about me on the very same reality show.” said Unathi Nkayi

“My dad said “this s your real life now… this is your real life, and we have raised you to go to school for what you do. You life is not going to be on your own reality show, never mind someone else’s. And my dad was like look at it play out, and he wants your divorce to play out on his reality show and that is not going to happen in the Nkayi name. You not going to the wedding and that is going to be the first statement. said Unathi Nkayi

Nkayi’s name has been slandered and dragged through the mud over time, and she has been victimized, trolled, and tormented for far too long. She was even axed from Kaya FM and Idols SA, with many people labeling her as difficult to work with.

Despite the challenges she has faced, Nkayi is determined to clear her name and move forward. She hopes that by speaking out about her experience, she can shed light on the importance of supporting friends during difficult times and the impact of unsavory behavior.



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