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#RHOD Star Nonku Williams Scammed Half A Million

Real Housewives of Durban star Nonku Williams has spoken out against imposters who are using her photos on social media to scam people. Nonku, who was scammed out of over half a million rand in 2020, said that receiving messages from fans about her impersonators has angered her.

“I was scammed of R518k in 2020 by a Nigerian man who posed as a white man from the UK and promised I would get R3 million in return. I was shattered,” Nonku said in an interview with Daily Sun.

Nonku has been receiving messages from fans recently, asking her if she owns a TikTok or Facebook account. The impersonators are swaying people to invest in things like Bitcoin, and Nonku is urging everyone to report these accounts and help expose the culprits.

“I’m appealing to everyone who gets to read this article to please report them. Delete and let’s expose these culprits,” Nonku said.

Despite dealing with these scammers, Nonku has a lot on her plate. She has finished shooting season 3 of RHOD, and is busy with brand collaborations and other projects. She teased that there’s something exciting in the works for her fans, and we can’t wait to see what it is!

The incident with the scammers is a reminder to be cautious on social media, and to always verify the authenticity of accounts before investing any money. Nonku’s bravery in speaking out against these imposters is admirable, and we stand with her in exposing their fraudulent activities.


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