Former Uzalo actor Siyabonga “Qhabanga” Shibe loses house, job and cars after falling for a scam

Former Uzalo Actor Falls Victim to Scam!

South African actor Siyabonga Shibe, known for his roles in popular television shows, has recently experienced a devastating turn of events. Falling victim to a scam, Shibe has lost his house, job, and cars, leaving his family deeply concerned about his well-being.

The Deceptive Encounter:

The report says it all began when a mysterious woman approached Shibe, claiming to be his long-lost daughter. Despite conducting a paternity test that initially confirmed their relationship, Shibe’s family became suspicious and discovered that the test results were fabricated.

Digging deeper, they uncovered that the testing company was nothing more than a fraudulent business disguised as a building materials shop.

The Scam Unfolds:

Exploiting Shibe’s emotional vulnerability, the woman swiftly maneuvered her way into his life. She lured him with promises of a significant financial windfall, claiming that her mother, residing abroad, intended to send billions of Rands. However, before the money could be received, certain payments needed to be made. Troublingly, Shibe began liquidating his assets, including his house in Johannesburg and his car, in a desperate attempt to gather the required funds.

Family Concerns:

Despite their best efforts to reason with him, Shibe distanced himself from his concerned family, disregarding their pleas for caution. His actions, driven by the persuasive tactics of the scammer, have left his loved ones deeply worried about his well-being.

They suspect that he may have been deliberately targeted and manipulated by the perpetrators of this elaborate scheme. – ilanganews


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