Death Threats Target Sizok’thola Host Xolani Khumalo and Moja Love Boss

Sunday World has reported that Xolani Khumalo, the host of Sizok’thola, and Aubrey Tau, the boss of Moja Love, have been receiving death threats. The crime-busting reality show, aimed at dismantling drug businesses in Johannesburg, appears to have angered certain individuals or groups. Despite the threats, Xolani and Aubrey are determined to continue their work and have taken measures to ensure their safety.

Xolani Khumalo collaborates with law enforcement officers and investigative journalists to expose and bring drug dealers to justice. This relentless pursuit of justice has apparently led to the issuance of death threats against him and Aubrey Tau.

The threats demand the cancellation of the show as a consequence.

Recognizing the seriousness of the threats, Xolani and Aubrey have opted to increase their personal security. They have hired additional security guards to protect themselves and continue their mission without yielding to intimidation. Their commitment to their work remains resolute.

Bokani Moyo, the Head of Channel, spoke to Sunday World about the threats. He affirmed that the station was aware of the dangers faced by its CEO and presenter and acknowledged that broadcasting the show required them to confront societal issues such as drugs and crime. The channel remains steadfast in its responsibility to shed light on these pressing concerns.

Xolani’s Determination:

Xolani Khumalo expressed his unwavering resolve in the face of the threats. He asserted that he would not be intimidated or deterred from fulfilling his duty. As South Africans, he believes it is their collective responsibility to eradicate criminal elements from society. The Sizok’thola team is committed to exposing more wrongdoers and fighting against the scourge of drugs and crime.

Social media has been abuzz with viewers voicing their support for Xolani, Aubrey, and the show. Many commend their courage and determination, stating that the threats are proof that criminals are feeling the pressure and fear exposure.


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