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Actor, Sello Maake Calls Out Kelly Khumalo And Her Sister

The unresolved #SenzoMeyiwa case continues to haunt many South Africans, and actor Sello Maake has now joined the conversation, sharing his heartfelt thoughts and concerns. In a recent statement, Maake expressed his deep empathy for the pain of losing a son and the immense hurt experienced by the Meyiwa family.

Maake didn’t hold back in criticizing Kelly Khumalo and her sister, Zandi, for their alleged lack of cooperation in the case. He questioned why Zandi, who claims to be a celebrity, is unwilling to testify on camera, causing frustration and anguish for the Meyiwa family. Maake, like many others, became aware of Zandi’s existence only after the Senzo Meyiwa incident, further intensifying the frustration.

The actor highlighted the need for justice and expressed his disdain for the heartless actions of those involved. He emphasized the urgency for Zandi to come forward and provide her testimony, allowing the Meyiwa family to find closure and peace. Maake believes that by testifying, Zandi can finally retreat to her claimed “quiet” and so-called private life.

The #SenzoMeyiwa case represents a form of injustice that deeply affects the Meyiwa family and the nation as a whole. Sello Maake’s voice adds to the growing chorus of individuals demanding transparency and accountability in this matter.

The unresolved nature of the case continues to cause pain and frustration, leaving many hoping for a breakthrough and closure.

As the public awaits further developments in the #SenzoMeyiwa case, the voices of those speaking out against injustice, like Sello Maake, play a crucial role in keeping the spotlight on the need for truth and justice.


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