RHOD Drama: Annie Mthembu vs. Sanelisiwe Bhengu – Infidelity Claims and Ongoing Feud

After the third season of The Real Housewives of Durban, the tension between Annie Mthembu and Sanelisiwe “Sane” Bhengu doesn’t seem to be going away. Annie said at the reunion that she couldn’t fully forgive Sane for things she did off-screen, like accusing Annie of sleeping her way to the top.

Annie further claimed that Sane continued her attack even after the show, perpetuating rumors of infidelity within Annie’s marriage to Kgolo “DaGuru” Mthembu. Annie vehemently denied these allegations at the time.

However, it appears that Sane may have some evidence to support her claims. Speculation arose when Annie threatened legal action if Sane persisted in launching social media attacks against her husband. This suggests that there may be proof of DaGuru’s infidelity, contradicting Annie’s previous assertions.

During the reunion, Annie laughed off the idea that DaGuru was expecting a child outside of their marriage. However, this doesn’t mean that he has been faithful. Recently, an online gossip page appeared that thanked Sane and said it had proof that DaGuru was having an affair.

The news sent Twitter into a frenzy, with Annie’s supporters admitting that DaGuru might have been unfaithful but denying that he had a child outside of his marriage.

Annie and Sane’s feud keeps getting more and more complicated, and fans and viewers can’t wait to see what happens next. Stay tuned for more news about what’s going on with RHOD. – Asinavalo


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