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Musa Mseleku’s Son, Mpumelelo, Aims to Surpass His Father’s Polygamous Legacy

Musa Mseleku’s Son, Mpumelelo, Aims to Surpass His Father’s Polygamous Legacy.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Mpumelelo Mseleku is ready to embrace polygamy on a grander scale. In a recent interview on The Venting Podcast with Gogo Skhotheni, Musa Mseleku’s son expressed his love for women and his intention to marry more wives than his father.

Contrary to popular belief, Mpumelelo emphasized that his decision to pursue polygamy was not influenced by his father. He shared his belief that having multiple girlfriends allows one to assess compatibility and choose a suitable partner to introduce to the family, rather than solely relying on a single relationship.

“I love women. I wouldn’t be honest if I said my father convinced me to be a polygamist. If I were doing it for him, I wouldn’t be able to continue. I plan to continue with polygamy, and I aspire to have more wives than my father,” Mpumelelo explained.

While he did not disclose the exact number of wives he intends to marry, Mpumelelo’s desire to exceed his father’s polygamous relationships highlights his personal journey and the importance he places on embracing this lifestyle.

As Mpumelelo follows his own path, he aims to forge his own legacy in the realm of polygamy, ensuring that the traditions and values associated with the practice continue to thrive.


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