PICS: Mzansi Expresses Concern over Spaza Shop Raid and Illegally Manufactured Food

Mzansi is worried about the raid on the Spaza shop and the food that was made illegally.

In a recent incident, Amapanyaza conducted a raid on Spaza Shops owned by illegal Somalian foreigners in Daveyton. The raid resulted in the removal of expired food items, as well as the discovery of illegally manufactured food products that posed a threat to unsuspecting consumers.

One disturbing find was a bottle of Coca-Cola containing a yellowish substance, which was intended to be consumed by South African consumers.

This incident raises concerns about the ease with which products like Coca-Cola can be counterfeited, with potentially poisonous chemicals added to them.

PSAFLIVE, a source reporting on the matter, highlighted the targeted use of Coca-Cola as a weapon, resulting in cases of food poisoning and even deaths among South African citizens.

It’s concerning that Coca-Cola hasn’t been more proactive in sending out food quality inspectors to check and test their wares in Spaza Shops that are owned by foreign companies.

Authorities and relevant stakeholders must continue to take decisive action to protect the health and safety of consumers and address the issue of illegal food production.


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