Understanding Isichitho: Unpacking the Types and Effects of Human-made Curses

Isichitho is a form of curse that is believed to be cast by someone who harbors ill feelings towards you. It is intended to hinder your progress in life or disrupt your relationships by making you appear unattractive and bothersome (ubenesidina).

When isichitho is directed at you, people around you may become irritated and bothered, simply by seeing or thinking about you. In this article, we will explore a few types of isichitho to provide you with a basic understanding of this phenomenon.

Isichitho Sothuvu: This type of isichitho is created using human waste. It has been known to ruin relationships and break homes. You may find that someone you have spent a significant amount of time with suddenly tells you that you smell bad and suffocate them. They may become extremely irritated and unable to stand your presence. With isichitho sothuvu, you may notice that the irritation subsides when you are not physically present, such as during phone conversations. However, conflicts may arise when you come face-to-face.

Isichitho in the Blood: This form of isichitho is created when individuals use certain types of muthi (traditional medicine) in their intimate areas to create a sensation of intense heat during sexual encounters. When a man engages in sexual activity with a woman who has used this muthi, he may experience pleasure and the desired warmth. However, when he moves on to another partner, that warmth becomes isichitho or a form of disease. If someone has cast this isichitho on you, they may think of you and suddenly feel hatred.

Isichitho in the Air: This type of isichitho is sent to you under the guise of your own ancestral spirits calling you. It is a deceptive form of isichitho that manipulates your belief in ancestral guidance. In some cases, when seeking help from traditional or spiritual healers who do not perform thorough analyses, they may misinterpret the presence of isichitho as a calling to become a sangoma or apprentice in a particular tradition. Unfortunately, this can lead to accepting isichitho unknowingly, resulting in unfulfilled roles as a sangoma and inability to help others.

Signs that may indicate the presence of isichitho include:

  • Itching on your face or body, feeling like something is crawling on you
  • Itching or discomfort in your intimate areas
  • People losing interest in you suddenly
  • People expressing hatred towards you without apparent reason
  • Persistent bad odor, even after bathing
  • Feeling stuck and stagnant in life, lacking progress

If you resonate with any of the symptoms mentioned above, seeking assistance from a trusted source is advised.

Please note: This article serves as a basic introduction to isichitho and its workings. Seek professional help for a comprehensive understanding of your situation and to determine appropriate steps for resolution.


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