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VIDEO: Londie London Allegedly Dating a Married Man, Fans Fuming!

Londie London’s new relationship has caused quite a buzz among her fans and followers. After her separation from ex-fiancé Hlubi Nkosi, many were happy to see her moving on. However, it came as a surprise to some that she is now reportedly dating a married man.

A gossip blog, Salty Entertainment Juice, recently shared pictures and videos of the new couple on their Twitter account. They claimed that the man, known as Mabonga, has a history of scamming people and had previously dated Sbahle Mpisane before paying dowry to Ameigh Thompson.

While some people are happy for Londie and her newfound happiness, others are concerned that this man may have ulterior motives. Given that Londie has recently launched a successful braids business, there are fears that he may be after her money.

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The news has sparked a lot of discussion on social media, with some expressing their lack of sympathy for Londie in this situation.


Please note that the information provided here is based on reports from the mentioned gossip blog and may not reflect the full and accurate details of the situation.


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