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VIDEO: Kabza de Small Faces Backlash Over Luxury Designer Snobbery

In the past four years and counting, Kabelo “Kabza de Small” Motha has established himself as the leading voice and pioneer in the Amapiano music scene in South Africa.

He is widely recognized as the reigning “king of Amapiano.” However, even Kabza, as popular as he is, is not immune to receiving backlash on social media.

Recently, there has been a growing anticipation for new music from Kabza, who has seemingly taken a break from releasing music.

This anticipation, combined with a viral video featuring Kabza, has sparked some backlash and brought attention to the selective outrage often seen on social media platforms, particularly on Twitter.

The video in question shows Kabza partying with his entourage, where he is seen playfully teasing one of his crew members for not wearing what appears to be a luxury designer bomber jacket, while Kabza himself is donning a luxury designer brand.

Initially, the video was taken lightheartedly by Kabza’s fans, who are familiar with his playful personality.

However, some individuals accused him of snobbery and suggested that his entourage wouldn’t question him because he is Kabza de Small.

The backlash took a surprising turn when fans started dragging Oscar Mbo into the conversation, despite him not being directly involved in the video.

In the end, it’s crucial to remember that artists and celebrities are also human beings who can make mistakes or be misunderstood. It is up to the fans and the public to engage in healthy discussions and avoid jumping to conclusions based on limited information or isolated incidents.


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