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Londie London Sets the Record Straight on Hlubi Cheating Rumours

Reality TV star and singer Londie London has addressed the cheating rumours surrounding her ex-fiancé, Hlubi Nkosi, confirming that he did not cheat on her during their relationship.

In a recent interview on rapper L-Tido’s YouTube podcast, Londie opened up about her engagement with Hlubi, a Durban businessman. She clarified that their relationship faced challenges when Hlubi deviated from their shared plans and goals, becoming inconsistent and unsupportive.

Londie emphasized that the breakdown of their relationship was not due to infidelity or the presence of another woman. Instead, it was a result of their differing aspirations and a sense of being deceived.

Reflecting on their time together, Londie expressed feeling let down and deceived, stating, “I just feel like he switched-up on me. I just feel like he changed. I just feel like he lied, more than anything… I feel like I was dribbled.”

These revelations come amid Londie’s recent controversies, including dating a new man who is allegedly involved in fraudulent activities and addressing paternity rumours surrounding her first child.

For the full interview, watch the YouTube video linked below:


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