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Nota Baloyi Criticizes Dineo Ranaka for Sharing Suicidal Thoughts

Controversial music executive Nota Baloyi has sparked controversy by publicly criticizing media personality Dineo Ranaka after she revealed her battle with suicidal thoughts.

Dineo Ranaka made headlines on Tuesday when she shared her struggle with suicidal thoughts, prompting an outpouring of support from celebrities and the public. However, Nota Baloyi labeled her an attention seeker in a series of tweets.

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In his tweets, Nota Baloyi referenced Dineo’s personal life, accusing her of having children out of wedlock and subjecting them to a traumatic childhood.

He also claimed that she had mistreated their fathers and publicly humiliated them for reality TV.

Nota went on to question the difficulty of Dineo’s radio job and suggested she interview the cleaning staff at KayaFM to learn about their challenges in raising children.

Furthermore, Nota revealed that during a heart-to-heart conversation, Dineo Ranaka pretended to be empathetic about his struggles with his wife’s mental illness but later witnessed her defaming him.

He expressed frustration at the lack of sympathy he receives as a man striving to provide for himself while Dineo portrays her own difficulties with managing opportunities as a reason for wanting to take her own life.

Nota also accused Dineo of calling him an abuser on air at Kaya FM and body-shaming women he worked with, without offering an apology.

Nota Baloyi’s remarks have sparked further debate and discussion on social media, with mixed reactions from the public.


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