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Letoya Makhene Thanks Manaka Ranaka for Support

Having Manaka witness this special milestone brought immense joy to Letoya’s heart.

Letoya Makhene, the talented actress and entrepreneur, recently launched her own Blanker business and has been actively promoting her brand on social media.

Amidst her exciting new venture, Letoya took a moment to express her heartfelt appreciation for the support she received from her dear friend and colleague, Manaka Ranaka.

In a touching message shared on her social media, Letoya expressed her gratitude for Manaka’s unwavering support, despite her busy schedule.

She described how Manaka always takes the time to show her love and encouragement in everything she does. Letoya highlighted the deep bond they share, noting that they laugh, cry, and grow together.

Letoya was particularly grateful that Manaka was present when her brand, House of Kgwedi, gave birth to a new range of products, including the exquisite Dlozi Blankets and Muthi-Infused Scented Candles.

To conclude her message, Letoya sent her friend and confidante, Manaka, an abundance of love and light. She expressed her profound appreciation for their enduring friendship and the constant support they provide for each other.


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