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VIDEO: Phelo Bala still loves Moshe Ndiki

“I really did love him and I still do,” Phelo Bala on his failed marriage to Moshe Ndiki

Phelo Bala opens up about his failed marriage with Moshe Ndiki.

The pair tied the knot in 2019 but last year Moshe confirmed the marriage ended after 2 years.

In an episode of their reality TV show The Bala Family, Phelo expressed love for his ex and revealed the desire to get married again someday.

“I can’t have this thing on my finger and continue with my life. I am heartbroken and hurt it didn’t work out. I really did love him and I still do.”

“All he could’ve said was Phelo I love you, Phelo I need you to stay, that’s all and maybe things could’ve turned out differently but those words and all that stuff, I never got them.”

‘I feel like I’m going to find somebody who is going to protect me, who’s going to love me, not somebody who is going to throw a black plastic bag in your face in front of your friends and say you must leave his house.”


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