UniCredit and Mastercard Expand Payments Innovation Partnership

Italian banking multinational UniCredit and global payments giant Mastercard have announced an expansion of their payments partnership to drive innovation in the payments industry.

As part of the agreement, 20 million cardholders across 13 banks will transition to using Mastercard.

This collaboration aims to provide UniCredit customers with a simplified core product offering, an optimized digital experience, and increased payment options across various payment channels.

The partnership brings together the expertise of 13 banks and Mastercard to create a unique and long-term arrangement in Europe.

By joining forces, UniCredit and Mastercard intend to collaborate on environmental and social sustainability initiatives, pooling their resources to implement new projects aligned with common environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals.

Mastercard CEO Michael Miebach expresses enthusiasm for the collaboration, emphasizing the successful solutions they have already created together and their shared commitment to bringing new innovations to UniCredit cardholders.


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