Latest On Sizokthola: Biggest cocaine supply arrested

Last night, Xolani made a significant arrest in Ballito, where he apprehended the biggest cocaine supplier in the area.

Ballito, known for its beautiful beachfront, has unfortunately become a hub for drug dealers who lead luxurious yet secretive lives.

Xolani was determined to uncover their illicit activities, and he succeeded.

Targeting those involved in the drug trade, Xolani discovered that this particular individual lived in a modest house but utilized a larger property in Ballito to store his drugs discreetly.

During the search, Xolani meticulously combed through both the main residence and the backyard, uncovering a substantial quantity of cocaine.

It is worth noting that cocaine is a highly valuable substance, and this dealer was making significant profits, earning over R100,000 from small bags of the drug.

When confronted by Xolani, the dealer tried to hide his true identity by pretending to sell snacks and sweets. Xolani, however, saw through the lies and remained determined to uncover the truth.

It took Xolani considerable time and effort to convince the dealer to reveal the location of his hidden stash. The nighttime operation was successful because it prevented the drug dealer from escaping easily when his property was surrounded.

It is disheartening to see that some people, such as this drug dealer and many others, value drug sales profits over living an honest life.

In doing so, they jeopardize not only their own well-being but also the well-being of others, thereby destroying lives.


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