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Bonang Matheba Laughs Off Claims of Being Jobless

Renowned media personality Bonang Matheba has responded to rumors suggesting that she is jobless.

Known as Queen B, Bonang has maintained a more private presence on social media in recent times, leaving fans curious about her activities.

Some social media users have speculated that Bonang is living a lavish lifestyle without having a job, leading to questions about the source of her wealth. However, Bonang had chosen not to address these claims, allowing them to fade away.

During a recent event organized by Standard Bank, a fan commented on the speculation, stating that someone had asked what Bonang was doing and assumed she was doing nothing.
The fan expressed a desire to constantly remind them of Bonang’s work whenever she showcased her achievements.

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Upon hearing this, Bonang expressed surprise at the notion that people believed she did nothing. She responded to the tweet by saying, “I do nothing?! Lol! Never heard that before.”

Bonang’s lighthearted response showcases her confidence and dismissal of the baseless rumors.

While she has been more low-key on social media, her numerous successful ventures and ongoing work demonstrate her continued success and relevance in the industry.


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