Stripe Acquires Engineering Analytics Start-up Okay

Fintech leader Stripe has made an undisclosed acquisition of San Francisco-based software start-up Okay.

Okay, founded in 2019 by Antoine Boulanger (CEO) and Tomas Barreto (CTO), offers analytics and reporting software to assist engineering teams in gaining insights from their workflows, streamlining processes, and expediting project delivery.

The company provides a dashboard that consolidates engineering data, integrating data ingestion, modeling, and exploration.

This enables engineering teams to identify potential bottlenecks and introduce new efficiencies. Okay’s platform connects with existing engineering tools, detecting patterns in code reviews, calendars, and project trackers to identify potential issues before they become difficult to manage.

Stripe plans to leverage Okay’s technology to enhance its own engineering effectiveness.

By investing in engineering efficiency and developer experience, the company aims to attract and retain top talent while delivering better products to end users.

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Stripe CTO David Singleton emphasized the company’s focus on ensuring productive days for developers.

The integration of Okay’s technology will enable Stripe to develop more effectiveness tools for its engineers.

This acquisition follows Stripe’s successful funding round, which raised over $6.5 billion at a $50 billion valuation.

While this valuation is lower than the previous round in March 2021, the acquisition of Okay showcases Stripe’s commitment to expanding its capabilities and driving innovation in the fintech industry.


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