“This Is My Home, I Will Die For This Cause” – Xolani From Sizokthola

Presenter Xolani Khumalo of “Sizokthola” Faces Threats and Assault During Filming!

In the aftermath of an attack on Moja Love’s production team, the North West South African Police Service (SAPS) is currently investigating a case of malicious property damage.

The incident occurred while presenter Xolani Khumalo and his crew were filming an arrest for their popular crime show in Rustenburg.

According to Zimoja, upon arriving at Coconut Lounge and spotting the suspect, there was excitement among the crowd to meet the show’s host. However, the crew was unexpectedly blocked by the venue’s management and security, preventing them from leaving or approaching the suspect.

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Previous reports from Sunday World revealed that Xolani had received death threats from unidentified drug dealers, leading to a constant fear for his safety.

Those opposing the airing of the show reportedly targeted the lives of Xolani, Aubrey Tau, and the CEO of the production company.

Sources indicate that enhanced security measures were implemented in response to the threats, reflecting the concerns surrounding Xolani’s well-being.

Despite these challenges, Xolani’s dedication to his mission remains resolute. In a recent episode, he boldly declared his commitment to cleansing his beloved country, stating, “This is my home. I was born here. And I will fight for it. I will die for this cause. You will give me more drugs”

The incident has raised significant concerns among South Africans, highlighting the need for increased protection and support for those working in the media industry.

The ongoing investigation by SAPS aims to hold the perpetrators accountable and ensure the safety of individuals involved in the production of “Sizokthola.”


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