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Manaka Ranaka – “Stop telling women to remain virgins for men”

Manaka Ranaka criticizes the expectation for women to remain virgins for men!

In a social media post on Instagram, the actress responds to a video featuring a 123-year-old woman who claims to be a virgin and has never seen a man’s nakedness.

Manaka expresses her disagreement with the idea of women retaining their virginity solely for the sake of men.

She states that she would rather be a grandmother than enforce virginity on her own children, supporting their freedom to explore their s*xuality.

“I am not going to make my kids remain virgins. I would rather be a grandmother. I am sorry, but my daughters should be able to enjoy whatever they want s*xually. Stop telling women to remain virgins for men who don’t even pretend to be virgins,” Manaka asserts.



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