Ntombizodwa Sephoko, Hairdresser and Mother, Shares Her Side of the Story: Assault at Franschhoek Restaurant

Video Emerges of Johan van der Merwe Assaulting and Nearly Drowning a Black Woman at Franschhoek Restaurant over Cell Phone!

Disturbing footage has surfaced showing Johan van der Merwe viciously attacking Ntombizodwa Sephoko, a hairdresser and mother, at a restaurant in Franschhoek.

The incident, which took place at the Savoye Restaurant at Vrede en Lust, has led to charges of attempted murder, assault, theft, and damage to property against van der Merwe.

According to Sephoko, she had found a cell phone on the floor near van der Merwe’s table and was attempting to return it when he violently pushed her into the pool and proceeded to punch and strangle her.

She further alleges that van der Merwe used racial slurs, including the K-word, during the assault.

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Sephoko, who was at the restaurant with friends to plan a party, suffered injuries to her knee and lip, and the traumatic incident has left her deeply shaken.

Van der Merwe was apprehended by authorities on May 30 and made an appearance in court on the same day. However, the restaurant owner claims not to have witnessed the assault, and the CCTV footage of the incident has mysteriously been erased.

Both cases are currently under investigation by the police.

The video has sparked outrage and calls for justice, shedding light on the persisting racial tensions and acts of violence against marginalized communities in South Africa.


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