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VIDEO: Nadia Nakai Receives Birthday Surprise from AKA’s Late Father, Tony Forbes

Nadia Nakai received a heartwarming surprise from Tony Forbes, the father of her late partner, Kiernan AKA Forbes.

Following AKA’s tragic passing on February 10, 2023, the Forbes family has continued to embrace and support Nakai as one of their own.

In a video shared by Nakai on Thursday, Tony Forbes can be seen surprising her with a birthday gift while she was at work.

“Thank you so much @factorie_africa. It was so special being surprised by @tonydforbes as well! THANK YOU!!!” Nakai expressed her gratitude.

Nakai recently celebrated her 33rd birthday in May, and she was warmly celebrated by AKA’s mother and daughter.

The bond between Nakai and the Forbes family serves as a testament to the enduring love and support that remains even in the face of tragedy.


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