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Ayanda Ncwane reportedly ‘died’ in hospital!

TV personality Ayanda Ncwane recently shared a shocking experience in which she claimed to have “died” and come back to life.

In a video clip, Ayanda revealed that she had been admitted to the hospital due to spiritual attacks.

She described encountering a large being in the spirit realm that whispered to her, proclaiming that her soul was being collected and that she would die that day.

Ayanda explained how she saw her life flashing before her and realized she had two bodies.

Despite the spirit’s attempts to take her away, she fought back, refusing to leave her children behind.

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Just as the spirit was about to take her, Ayanda heard a voice calling her name, telling her that her earthly assignment was not yet complete.

She attributed her return to life to fulfilling God’s mandate.

Ayanda’s revelation left the nurses shocked, as they confirmed she was not dead.

While some people, including Pastor Songezo Joseph Fulani, believe in the possibility of such experiences, others caution against the prevalence of fake pastors who claim similar events.

Our source, Daily Sun attempted to reach out to Ayanda for comment but received no response. – Source


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