Young Woman Releases Video of East Rand Earthquake-Induced Damage to Her Home

South African Woman Shares Video of Earthquake Aftermath!

In the aftermath of the powerful 5.0 magnitude earth tremor that struck Gauteng province in South Africa, a young lady from Boksburg has taken to social media to share a video showcasing the damages caused to her home during the earthquake.

The tremor, which occurred at around 2:38am, resulted in widespread shaking felt across various parts of Gauteng.

This particular individual’s property was not spared from the impact, as seen in the video she posted on Twitter.

Expressing her astonishment and concern, she wrote, “Living in Boksburg is such a nightmare. I still can’t believe this. I was shaken and woken up to dust. What’s going on vele with these sinkholes. I think it’s a sign. Something is terribly wrong with the ground here.”

Drawing attention to the presence of mines in the vicinity, she highlighted a specific area on Rondebult Road leading to East Rand Mall, where a sinkhole had already led to road closures.

She expressed hope that the appearance of a new sinkhole, which had emerged within the past few months, was not an alarming indication of underlying issues with the ground.


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