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Emtee Expresses Admiration for Pearl Thusi

South African rapper Emtee recently took to social media to express his admiration for actress Pearl Thusi.

The songster couldn’t help but gush over Thusi after she shared captivating photos of herself, wearing see-through outfits that drew attention to her breasts.

While some individuals criticized Thusi’s choice of attire, Emtee showered her with love and admiration in his post.

He made it clear that he holds a special place in his heart for the veteran actress, stating, “No cap in my raps. The hood would be so proud if I hit that (just saying) @pearlthusi.”

Emtee went on to reveal that his crush on Pearl Thusi goes back to his school days, and he vowed to continue harboring his feelings for her until the end.

He stated, “I’ve been ‘Gushing’ since I was in school. I will ‘gush’ till my dying days.”

The rapper’s public declaration of his affection for Pearl Thusi has sparked interest and generated discussion among fans and followers.

It remains to be seen how Pearl Thusi will respond to Emtee’s heartfelt admiration.


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