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Lunga Shabalala’s Response To Thando Thabethe’s Abuse Claims

In the midst of ongoing speculation about the relationship between broadcaster and actress Thando Thabethe and model/actor Lunga Shabalala, recent events have shed light on their alleged breakup and the abuse claims made by Thabethe.

While the latest episode of Thabethe’s reality show seemed to suggest they were still together, she used the platform to address the rumors and the challenges faced in getting the episode aired.

According to reports by The Citizen and The South African, Thabethe revealed that she had sought a restraining order against Shabalala due to his alleged harassment and “strange behavior.”

Their most recent breakup occurred in October 2022, after which Shabalala’s behavior reportedly became concerning.

Thando Thabethe shared specific incidents, including Shabalala attempting to gain access to her home, following her to work, and questioning her whereabouts while she was away.

The courts granted Thabethe a protection order, leading to a wave of social media reactions and discussions about Shabalala’s actions.

While he chose not to issue an official statement addressing the allegations, Shabalala took to his Instagram stories to share a cryptic message:

“Truth never gets old (plus love).”

The meaning behind this statement remains unclear, leaving room for speculation about his perspective on the matter.

As with many publicized celebrity relationships, the future of Thabethe and Shabalala’s connection remains uncertain.

It’s not uncommon for these situations to unfold with public revelations and subsequent reconciliations.

Only time will tell if this marks the end of their journey together or if there will be further developments in their story.

Sources: ZAlebs, The Citizen, The South African


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