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NOTA: “I willing to bet $60k that Bonang and Pearl Thusi test positive for Cocaine”

In recent years, Nhlamulo “Nota” Baloyi has gained notoriety for his controversial online presence.

Despite having a successful career filled with accolades that showcase his talent and ambition, he seems drawn to the allure of social media commenting, establishing himself as one of South Africa’s most prominent internet trolls.

Originally known for his work as a rapper, there remains some uncertainty surrounding Nota’s background and his journey into the music industry. However, his online activities have often overshadowed his artistic endeavors.

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Recently, Nota made a provocative statement, stating, “I am willing to bet $60k that if Bonang & Pearl Thusi were to take a drug test, they’d both test positive for cocaine… It’s the only way to explain why they are taking club hosting gigs like they are. Do you think I’d lose that bet?”

Such comments have fueled controversy and drawn significant attention to Nota’s online persona.


While he may possess talent and achievements within his career, his focus on trolling and making sensational statements has overshadowed these accomplishments.

How Baloyi’s actions online will affect his reputation and future plans is still up in the air.


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