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South African Celebrities Proudly Embracing Their Lesbian Identity

In South Africa, freedom and self-expression are celebrated, allowing individuals to openly embrace their identities and relationships.

Today, we acknowledge South African celebrities who proudly identify as lesbians, breaking barriers and promoting inclusivity.

Tina Redman

Tina Redman is a renowned South African actor best known for her role in the soapie “Generations the Legacy.” She is an outspoken queer individual, but details about her romantic relationships are not widely known.

Latoya Makhene

Latoya Makhene, also an actress, gained fame through her iconic role as Tshidi in “Generations the Legacy.” After being married for many years with children, she later came out as a lesbian and is now happily married to a woman.

Sade Giliberti

Sade is a well-known media personality in South Africa, recognized for her hosting and presenting on SABC1’s YOTV. She is a lesbian and currently resides overseas with her partner.

Nomsa Buthelezi Shezi

Nomsa Buthelezi Shezi is a highly accomplished presenter and actress in the country. She proudly identifies as a lesbian and married her partner Zandile Shezi in 2019.

Thandizwa Mazwai

Thandizwa Mazwai is an iconic South African singer who has openly discussed her sexuality on multiple occasions. She is in a loving relationship with a woman named Anika.

Toya Delazy


Toya Delazy is a proud lesbian who fearlessly embraces her truth. She is married to Alison, and the couple recently welcomed a baby, celebrating their love and expanding their family.

These South African celebrities are role models for their celebration of love in all its forms and emphasis on acceptance of others. . Their openness and visibility contribute to a more inclusive society, where diversity is celebrated and embraced.


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