Dr. Maweni’s Marriage in Turmoil as Husband Accuses Her of Cheating with Colleague

On the reality TV show #ThokozaGogo, the relationship between Gogo Maweni and her husband Sabelo is facing serious challenges.

It seems that Sabelo is contemplating divorce.

In the latest episode, viewers discover the reasons behind their marital issues, which have been the subject of gossip for some time.

Allegedly, Gogo Maweni’s husband accuses her of infidelity because she refuses to engage in sexual relations with him.

The situation worsened when Maweni expressed her desire not to have children.

Sabelo becomes agitated when he sees Maweni spending time with male acquaintances, believing she is cheating on him.

On the show, Sabelo also claims that Maweni disrespects him by using foul language in their interactions.

Despite his claims of being the “man of the house,” Sabelo is unable to take care of his own child, as Gogo Maweni assumes the responsibility and covers the child’s living expenses.

The main issue at hand is the lack of understanding and willingness to listen to each other’s perspectives.

Both parties believe they are in the right.

Without Gogo Maweni, Sabelo would not be where he is today. She took on the task of transforming an uncultured and ignorant man from the countryside into a spouse.

Gogo Maweni surpasses Sabelo in every way, providing him with a better life in the suburbs, stylish attire, and even fame.

Source: Opera


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