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Thuli Phongolo Slams Disrespect on Social Media, Emphasizes Peaceful State

Actress and DJ Maintains Graceful Demeanor Amid Social Media Provocation!

In a recent Instagram live session, Thuli Phongolo, the talented actress and DJ, addressed the issue of disrespect on social media and made it clear that she chooses not to entertain such negativity in her life.

During the session, Thuli expressed her frustration with disrespectful comments from social media users.

She highlighted the importance of treating others with consideration and reminded her audience that she is capable of responding in kind, but chooses not to do so.

According to Thuli, being disrespectful towards someone reflects more on the person exhibiting such behavior than on the target of their disrespect.

She emphasized that her intention is always to conduct herself with grace, treating people well and thinking before speaking.

Thuli has recently been in the spotlight due to an assault case involving her partner, Maphorisa. However, both Thuli and Maphorisa released a joint statement expressing their desire to handle the matter privately, and Thuli has refrained from addressing it publicly.

When asked about her current state and whether she is at peace, Thuli confidently affirmed that she is indeed at peace.

Despite the challenges she may be facing, she chooses to maintain a positive and serene outlook.


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