Father jailed for beating a creep to death after he harassed his teenage daughter

Father jailed for beating a creep to death after he harassed his 16 yr old daughter in the store bathroom!

USA – A Phoenix father, Melvin Harris, is now facing second-degree murder charges after allegedly killing a man who had reportedly harassed his young daughter.

The incident occurred at a QuikTrip convenience store, where Harris was waiting for his daughter and her friends in the parking lot.

According to police, Leon Armstrong approached Harris’ car asking for money, and Harris gave him some change.

Armstrong then entered the store, where he allegedly harassed Harris’ daughter and her friends. When the girls informed Harris about the incident, he went inside the store and demanded action from the security guard.

After leaving the store, witnesses observed Harris confronting Armstrong and punching him in the face.

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Armstrong fell to the ground, and Harris proceeded to stomp, kick, and punch him until he became unconscious.

Harris then drove away from the scene.

Armstrong was taken to a hospital with severe injuries, including brain swelling and a broken nose. Sadly, he succumbed to his injuries, leading to the escalation of charges from aggravated assault to second-degree murder for Harris.

QuikTrip, the convenience store chain where the incident took place, expressed their condolences and pledged to cooperate with the ongoing investigation.

Melvin Harris is expected to appear in court later this week to face the charges against him. – NBCNews


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