“Sangoma warns Gogo Maweni: ‘You are a killer and should be in jail'” (Video)

A Sangoma from KwaZulu-Natal issues a strong warning to Gogo Maweni.

The traditional healer, who claims to have practiced for over two decades, expresses her displeasure at how Maweni has portrayed their calling, particularly through her reality TV show.

In a video that has circulated on social media, the Sangoma confronts Maweni, urging her to cease her harmful practices.

“It appears that you take pride in having the ability to take a life. I don’t know what drives you or motivates you. Watching you has become unbearable. You openly express your narcissism, sociopathy, immorality, and lack of grace without shame or guilt. You are proud of the power you possess. It is dark, and you are a killer, a criminal who deserves to be in jail. It is audacious of the TV company to broadcast your show despite its content.”

“If you lived in a time when Sangomas truly cared, you would be dead. They would cast you off a cliff and wash their hands of you. You stand out for engaging in practices of pure evil. Do you not have a mother or a friend who can awaken you to your own reality? You need to find your way back to yourself. I wonder if you have ‘uhlanga,’ something that has been passed down to you. It is an ancestor who injects this ‘uhlanga’ into you. It compels you to be evil and to spiritually harm and kill people. You are unable to control yourself.”

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The woman calls on other traditional healers to join forces and help remove Gogo Maweni from their practice.

“I implore my fellow Sangomas to assist us in getting rid of this woman [Gogo Maweni] and ensuring she receives the necessary intervention. We want her out of our practice.”



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