University of Zululand Student Allegedly Stabbed to Death over R70 Debt

A tragic incident unfolded at the University of Zululand on Saturday, 10 June, when a student was allegedly stabbed to death by a peer over a dispute involving R70.

The victim, a 22-year-old student, had reportedly gone to the student tuck shop on campus to purchase cigarettes when he was approached by another student who demanded payment for the money owed to him.

An altercation ensued between the two students, escalating to a point where the alleged assailant brandished a knife and fatally stabbed the victim, who succumbed to his injuries immediately.

Witnesses on the scene expressed shock and disbelief, as the amount owed seemed trivial and no one expected such a violent outcome.

The incident quickly turned what was supposed to be a calm day into a nightmare for all those who witnessed the tragic event.

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Campus authorities responded swiftly, and the police were called to the scene. The alleged perpetrator was apprehended and removed from the campus premises.

Mpiliso Khulani, the SRC secretary, expressed deep shock and concern, particularly as the incident occurred during exam season, potentially disrupting other students’ focus. Khulani urged students who witnessed the incident to seek counseling to help them cope and concentrate on their exams.

The University of Zululand, through its spokesperson Gcina Nhleko-Mdluli, conveyed its profound sadness and shock regarding the incident. Nhleko-Mdluli emphasized that while the university endeavors to provide a safe environment for students, tragic isolated incidents occur beyond its control.

Out of respect for the deceased’s family, the university has refrained from disclosing any personal information.

A criminal case has been opened with the South African Police Service (SAPS), and the alleged perpetrator is in custody pending investigation.

Colonel Robert Netshuinda, a police spokesperson, confirmed that Mthunzini police are conducting an investigation into the murder case.

The university community is left mourning the loss of a student’s life and grappling with the aftermath of this distressing event. – Daily Sun


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