Video: Woman captured trying to fight 3 men ‘robbing’ house before speeding off

A recent incident captured by CCTV cameras shows three suspected thieves robbing a house and making a swift getaway with stolen items.

The footage reveals the men exiting the house carrying various belongings, which they load into their vehicle.

Among the items taken are a television set, a bag filled with contents, and a cooking gas cylinder.

Throughout the robbery, a woman is seen in the presence of the men but does not intervene.

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After the thieves locked themselves in their car and sped away, the woman sought help from nearby construction workers.

Unfortunately, their attempts to locate the vehicle were unsuccessful, as it quickly disappeared beyond the range of the CCTV cameras.

Following the robbery, Kenyan netizens have expressed different opinions regarding the woman’s involvement.

Some speculate that she may have been an accomplice, possibly the house manager, and had prior knowledge of the robbery.


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