Political Leader Defends Polygamous Marriage: “My Three Wives Get Along Just Fine!”

TRANSFORMATION Alliance leader Abel Tau has three wives and eight children.

But people believe he has to be either a politician or married as the demands of a polygamous marriage and those of a politician are too much.

However, the 45-year-old businessman defiantly fired back, saying politics and polygamy can go together just fine! The former ActionSA member told Daily Sun he is more than capable of taking care of his family while he works on serving his community.

He said he has been criticised by people who don’t understand his family dynamics and believes this has also affected his political career.

He said although he grew up in a polygamous household, he only realised after 20 years of being married to his childhood sweetheart that he wanted more wives.

He said this did not mean that his wife, Thandi, was not enough for him or that he didn’t love her, but he just wanted a big family and was able to find love again.

I brought the idea to her in 2019 and it was hard for her to accept. But I didn’t want to put pressure on her, so I gave her time. She came around and accepted my proposal. I introduced her to my second wife and we later welcomed my third wife. It hasn’t been easy, but they all get along most of the time and support one another.

Tau said his family has never come between him and his business or political life. He has been able to juggle all of them with the support of his wives, who have their own businesses and stable careers.

He said politics has been part of his life even before he got married.

“I have been in politics all my life. I started with the ANC, then went to join the DA, went to ActionSA and things got sour, so I decided to start my own political party.

“I have been able lead a good political life because of the support of my wives. I want my family and my lifestyle to show that you can still serve your people while being in a polygamous relationship,” he said.

Tau said that people need to stop thinking that men who have more than one wife are not able to lead their communities or only want money when they are in politics.

Tau’s first wife, Thandi, said it took time for her to accept the other wives, but she accepted them and welcomed them into her home because she loved her husband.

“We have been together since we were at school. We got married in 1999, so for him to come and tell me he wants another wife was a blow for me, but once I started getting to know the women, I got along with them,” she said. – Daily Sun


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