Married man k!lled his girlfriend after she got married to another man

A married man has been sentenced to 28 years in prison for killing his girlfriend after she got married to another man.

The couple had two children together.

Justus Mbirimujo, 33 years old, allegedly strangled his girlfriend, Kauaa Karuuombe, 29 years old, after she made the decision to marry someone else.

Karuuombe, who was also a police officer based in Windhoek, Namibia, was the victim of this tragic incident.

During the sentencing, Judge Christi Liebenberg highlighted that Mbirimujo failed to provide any valid reasons for his actions.

According to Mbirimujo’s plea explanation, they had an argument on their way home, during which Karuuombe insulted and swore at him.

Upon reaching home, a scuffle occurred, and Mbirimujo ended up strangling her to death.

The judge emphasized that the crime took place in front of the couple’s children, which is likely to have a lasting traumatic impact on them. The severity of the crime was taken into account when determining the verdict.

Liebenberg expressed that one of the inevitable consequences of Mbirimujo’s actions is that Karuuombe’s four minor children will be deprived of a mother’s love and care.

Additionally, Mbirimujo’s own children will grow up without a father for many years to come. – Neweralive


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