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Cyan Boujee And Seemah’s Explosive Feud Shakes Social Media

Social media is dominated by influencers and content creators, thus drama and scandals are inevitable. Honour Zuma Zacn, who goes by the name Cyan Boujee who is a DJ, content maker, entrepreneur, and model, was recently at the center of a scandal that was trending.

The spotlight was turned to her old friend Sima Mangolwane, who goes by the name Seemah who is an artist, content creator, and TikToker.

What started as a simple fight between the two turned into a full-blown expose that startled the online community.

The animosity between Cyan Boujee and Seemah traces back to a heated argument that erupted during a gig.

Last year, Cyan Boujee accused Seemah of stealing her spotlight, alleging that Seemah purposefully overshadowed her presence at her own event.

Seemah, on the other hand, claims that it was a mere misunderstanding.

She insists that attending the gig was a show of support for her friend and that that she had nothing to do with the attention she got.

As tension rose, Cyan Boujee took to Instagram Live to air her frustrations, publicly criticizing Seemah and reveal something shocking.

She accused Seemah of a scandalous act – sleeping with Cyan Boujee’s own brother and that she was so annoying.

The bombshell allegation sent shockwaves on social media as she was well known to be in a relationship with a Youtuber, Ghost Hlubi.

Seemah denied all the accusations and she still does.

Seemah appeared as a guest recently on “The Venting Podcast,” hosted by the Gogo Skhotheni on YouTube.

The episode promised to shed light on the breakup with Ghost ,her career and the conflict between the two influencers.

Anticipation mounted as viewers eagerly awaited the truth.

On the podcast, she disclosed that everything Cyan said about her sleeping with her brother was a lie, sparking Cyan to reveal some “secrets” on her Instagram stories.

Cyan Boujee vented her anger on Instagram, where she harshly criticized Seemah and revealed some shocking information. Check out the images below!

cyan and seemah drama

cyan and seemah drama

cyan and seemah drama

This was Seemah’s response:

seemah's response to cyan

seemah's response to cyan

seemah's response to cyan

seemah's response to cyan

This is still an ongoing drama between the two which seems like its never going to end soon.

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