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#IBlewIt – Bongani Fassie Opens Up About Financial Struggles and Alleged Mismanagement of Funds

Bongani Fassie, the son of the late legendary musician Brenda Fassie, recently appeared on the reality show “#IBlewIt,” where he discussed his financial challenges and alleged drug addiction.

According to the episode, Bongani revealed that he spent R4 million on drugs. He is also known for his own reality TV show called “Finding Bongani.”

Despite being the son of an iconic figure, Bongani Fassie has faced financial difficulties and has accused individuals of mismanaging his inherited money.

He mentioned Lance Stehr, his former executive, who he claims stole and misappropriated his funds.

Bongani also made allegations against Chicco Thwala, who is said to be holding onto Brenda Fassie’s music rights even after her passing.

Chicco reportedly tried to hinder Bongani’s efforts to make a film about his mother’s life.

Bongani Fassie’s openness about his struggles and his willingness to expose those who have allegedly taken advantage of him has resonated with viewers.

Many appreciate his honesty and see his journey as a reminder that even public figures make financial mistakes. They commend him for taking steps in the right direction and overcoming his challenges.


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